Follow me step by step from the initial drawing to the last piece of glass... Click on each slide and watch Jimi come alive.

sbs1 Start with a clean, solid, line drawing. Darken the main lines with a sharpie or a fine paint brush with black paint. It's always smart to trace the face on a piece of acetate or tracing paper as an overlay to use for reference later, in case you lose the likeness once you add paint.
sbs2 Draw some lightning bolts in the background. Again, a sharpie works best. Don't be afraid to darken those lines. They will help keep your original drawing intact once you start adding paint. Then start to add some texture.
sbs3 Start to fill in background with paint.
sbs4 More background.
sbs6 Begin Jimi.
sbs7 Start the jacket.
sbs8 Fill Jimi with color. I like to fill the whole canvas with color before adding any details.
Now you can start to make color judgements and add detail.
sbs9 Start the face.
sbs10 Add detail to the face. Don't be afraid to draw back in some facial features
with a sharpie on a dry canvas to help retain the likeness.
sbs11 More detail. Start to add shadows in appropriate places.
Use photos for reference.
sbs12 Tighten up the background.
sbs13 More detail to the jacket and guitar.
sbs14 More detail. Add white highlights, especially in texture areas.
sbs15 More detail.
sbs16 More detail. We're in the finishing stages now!
sbs17 More detail. Get certain areas to pop!
sbs18 Final highlights.
sbs19 Finishing touches and add glass to lightning bolts. Add plenty of soft gel gloss and stick the glass pieces
right into the gel. Use plenty of gel!
jimip1 Final Detail
Hope this helped and never stop painting...

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of my work. Always start with a strong line drawing. It's difficult to try to refine the drawing later in the process - it's much easier to draw with a pencil than a paint brush.

Final Painting of Jimi Hendrix